VST Precision Espresso Baskets

  • $42.99

Kick your old baskets to the curb and take control of your espresso with these precision baskets by VST. At the forefront of precision espresso tech, VST created their baskets to address the all-too-common problems of baskets with off-center hole patterns, inconsistent hole sizes, and the issue of no two baskets being alike enough - all of which affect espresso extraction. In order to make espresso more controllable and predictable, VST created a basket and a manufacturing process to ensure that each basket is alike and as consistent as possible.

The baskets feature precisely engineered hole patterns that take advantage of the entire bottom surface for full extraction and finely-tuned hole sizes to optimize extraction time, and all this is evaluated before packaging to ensure the quality is up to par. Each basket comes with an individualized insert with its own testing data, your assurance that every single basket is analyzed for approval before being sent out for use. All this effort comes together to make a product that is consistent and predictable, so all of your group heads and machines can perform the same way when fitted with VST baskets. If repeatable quality is your game, then these are the baskets you need.