Shaka Chai - Chai Tea

  • $16.99

Organic Tea Attributes:

  • Flavor – Herbal and Spicy
  • Tea Color – Black with Colorful Spices
  • Brew Color – Cinnamon
  • Caffeine Level – 65-75mg/ 8 oz

This classic Assam tea incorporates cinnamon, ginger, fancy green cardamom into its blend. This combination is both spicy and fragrant. A Beach Bum recommendation is to run this tea through an espresso machine for a perfect chai latte.  

Masala chai or “mixed spice tea” is an Indian staple tea flavoring. Created by mixing Assam black tea with aromatic spices and herbs, masala chai continues to please the crowds. Masala chai can be considered a class of tea rather than a specific kind. However, all masala chai has four basic components: milk, sugar, cardamom, and ginger. Typical westernized chai lattes will have a larger emphasis on sweeter and lighter undertones compared to the spicier herbal Indian version.