Midsummer Mocabe

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     Coffee Attributes:
    • Roast Level – Medium
    • Acidity –  Medium 
    • Body – Medium
    • Flavor – a Hint of Baker's Chocolate and Lime
    • Color – Mocha
    • Caffeine level – Caffeinated

    Midsummer Mocabe coffee has a tangy, medium-bodied brew that’s perfect for a morning starter, midday pick-me-up or evening indulgence. Bright acidity with a hint of lime and baker’s chocolate gives the cup a delightfully balanced flavoring.
    Mocabe is a farming co-op in Chiapas, Mexico that was founded in 2000 as a Social Solidarity Society (SSS). Designed to be a source of social change and environmental improvement, Mocabe provides enhanced opportunities and accessibility for coffee farmers and their families, better coffee prices, and enhances the overall community and environmental health by reducing pollution levels. Today, over 500 members farm 935 hectares of farmland and produce some of the best organic, fair trade beans while simultaneously bringing bountiful economic, social and environmental improvements to their communities.
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