Honey Lemon Splash - Green Tea

  • $16.99

Organic Tea Attributes

  • Flavor – Peach with Hints of Cherry Accent from Safflowers
  • Tea Color – Sunset Black
  • Brew Color – Amber Orange
  • Caffeine Level – 70-80mg/ 8 oz

A perfectly peachy tea that will delight your taste buds! Robust black tea is infused with not only real peach flavors but also safflowers for a delicious cup of tea that's great hot or over ice with a little sugar or honey.

Tea consumption has long been traditional in India. Most of the Indian variety teas are Assam varietal. The Assam tea leaves are characterized by large leaves. It is very common for these teas to include highlights from the region where they are served. In the case of the Indian black peach tea, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and the Uttar Pradesh hills are the northwestern states that cultivate peaches.