Honduras Wave Break

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    Coffee Attributes:

    • Roast Level – Medium
    • Acidity –  Medium
    • Body – Medium
    • Flavor – Lemon, Plum, Honeysuckle, and Maple
    • Color – Light / Medium
    • Caffeine level – Caffeinated

    The Honduras Wave Break brew reigns supreme when it comes to fair trade and high-quality products. These beans are grown at a family orientated cooperative in the relatively undiscovered Las Canacus, Honduras. These farmers dedicate their lives to growing the highest-quality organic coffee beans while simultaneously protecting the natural environment. Each harvest is methodically prepared and cultivated to ensure maximum flavor in each bean and is then locally roasted here in Los Angeles.
    In addition to its world-class coffee, Honduras is notorious for its surf conditions. The Caribbean Sea brings swells that hit the east coast, creating ideal surf conditions that last from November to February. The ideal surf conditions coupled with the comfortable climate and limited storms make for the perfect tropical getaway.

    Cups Up Beach Bums!