Guatemalan Barrel Shredder

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     Coffee Attributes:

    • Roast Medium
    • Acidity –  Bright
    • Body – Medium
    • Flavor – Fruity Notes of Red Apple and Orange Coupled with Creamy Caramel and Dates
    • Color – Medium
    • Caffeine level – Caffeinated

      The Guatemalan Barrel Shredder originates from the Cooperative de Desarrollo Integral San Antonion Huista in the Huehuetenang, Guatemala region. Featuring both a coffee farm and an apiary for harvesting honey, this co-op presents a symbiotic environment where honey bees can thrive while producing outstanding quality coffee crops. Certified fully organic in 2008, this co-op is dedicated to sustainability and supporting local communities, as the beans are lovingly processed in the homes of participating families with pulping machines.
      The Huehuetenang region is known for producing lively acidity and tropical, fruit-laced coffee. Expect the Guatemalan Barrel Shredder to have a truly distinctive taste with hints of red apple and orange, combined with real organic honey from the co-op's farm. 
      Guatemalans pride themselves on their coffee and their surf. One of Guatemala’s best-kept secrets, El Paredon is a pristine surf spot located on the southern side of the country. Known for its' gorgeous black sand beaches, turtle sanctuaries and relaxed pace of life, El Paredon is a uniquely beautiful and surf-oriented haven. Swell consistency is in the high 90’s during the summer months with fast-breaking waves during high tides.
      A perfect place to shred the waves and enjoy some Beach Bum Coffee.
      Namaste Beach Bums! (or can say Chilero Beach Bums – which is Guatemalan slang for awesome or cool)