DECAF - Ripping Espresso

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    Coffee Attributes:
    • Roast Level – Light
    • Acidity - Low
    • Flavor – Nutty Almond, Orange, and Cocoa Undertones
    • Color – Dark
    • Caffeine level – DECAF

    Beach Bum’s Ripping Espresso is fresh, dark and potent! Organically grown in the Minas Gerais state Northeast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, this bold espresso is the ideal mix of properly bitter and perfectly sweet. This espresso from the lush coffee growing regions of Brazil packs a punch and keeps surfers charging the nearby surf all day long!
    World-renowned Ubatuba is home to over 100 beaches and is considered the "Surf Capital of Sao Paulo State” due to the stunning arsenal of idyllic beaches and it's being home to more than ten major national and international surf competitions. This surfer’s paradise is known for its versatility of spots and the quality of its peaks, offering a variety of beaches that make it accessible to all levels. Weather and surf conditions are best during the winter months from March to November. Come during this time to catch some sweet swell in a legendary surf spot!