Day Break - English Breakfast Tea

  • $16.99

Organic Tea Attributes:

  • Flavor – Full-Bodied with Slight Floral Undertones
  • Tea Color – Midsummer Night Black
  • Brew Color – Dark Mahogany
  • Caffeine Level – 55-65mg/ 8 oz

English breakfast tea is a popular blend of teas that, as the name suggests, compliments breakfast effortlessly with a cheerful cup of bold brew that pairs perfectly with sugar and milk!

Drinking a blend of black teas at breakfast is a longstanding British custom. There are mixed reviews of the origin of “English Breakfast tea”, but the popular belief is that it originated from colonial America. The documentation states an English immigrant tea merchant named Richard Davies began to sell an original blend of Congou, Pekoe, and Pouchong teas in New York City during1843. Later documents suggest the true nomenclature began years later in Scotland. Though nowadays the traditional blend is a mix of black teas from Assam, Kenya, and Ceylon.