Limited Edition Roast - Colombia Asobombo

  • $17.99

Coffee Attributes:

  • Roast Level –  Medium
  • Acidity –  Medium
  • Body – Full
  • Flavor – Craisin, Fudge, Smoke
  • Color – Medium
  • Caffeine level – Caffeinated

    This special Beach Bum variety of fair-trade coffee stems from Flores, an island in Indonesia. This batch is smooth and sweetly balanced for a powerful flavor. Notes of fudge, craisin, and smoke all show well in the cup. The medium acidity allows for these earthy tones to buzz. Perfect for a wake-up surf or post-surf recharge!

    This coffee can be sourced all the way back to Flores, a small island in Indonesia. However, it is commonly sold in markets of Jakarta as commercial grade “Sumatra”. That is because of the distinct blue color of the beans in the green stage! In Flores, they mimic the infamous Sumatra coffee processing techniques with the unique “giling basah” (wet hulling) technique which gives the coffee its unique blue characteristics. There is not much for famous surf in Flores itself, however, the neighboring island, Sumbawa, is home to some of the most reliable breaks. Lakey Peak, the most famous surf spot in Indonesia, is in South Sumbawa. This hollow offshore right-hander rides as an A-frame reef break suitable for all levels.